Top Digital Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers – Part 2


We covered the top 10 digital marketing tools in our earlier column. Here’s another list of the top tools for digital marketers in keeping with the ongoing series. These tools can help you carry out your marketing responsibilities easily and quickly.

It’s interesting to note that most of these tools offer the same set of capabilities and features as those found in the tools we discussed in our earlier piece.

In the end, the choice is yours.

So, without further delay, let’s dive straight into the best digital marketing tools list.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools List



 AI is pervasive, and it is having a significant impact on digital marketing. Platforms like Rytr which has become one of the top AI-based content generation tools for marketers including bloggers, freelancers, and other professionals, are good examples of this.

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that enables you to produce quality content quickly and inexpensively.

With Rytr, writer’s block is a thing of the past since you can quickly and easily auto-generate engaging, unique, and high-converting copy for blogs, emails, and advertisements in a variety of tones and languages.

The free version is ideal to get started with a limit of 10k characters while the paid version has no limit. You can create any type of content as much as you like.

 Check out Rytr here



All-in-one tools are getting very popular these days. Simplified is yet another addition to the same. The tools offer an ideal platform for digital marketers to explore their creativity and churn out high-quality stuff as per their needs.

Be it copywriting, video-making, graphic designing, etc….Simplified can do it all. This online tool comes with 4 modules to simplify your digital marketing tasks.

These are:

  • Graphic Design Module – Create iconic marketing campaigns without any design knowledge.
  • Video and Animations Module – With just one click, create and collaborate on videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more!
  • AI Writer Module – You can easily and quickly create content using AI for your blog, social network accounts, website, and more!
  • Social Media Planner Module – Easily manage your social media to expand your business!

 Check out Simplified here



 Looking to build beautiful websites without coding or design experience?

Planning to create outstanding landing pages, blogs or online stores?

Strikingly is here to help. Yes, with Strikingly, anyone with no coding or design experience can create a stunning website in a matter of minutes!

Thousands of users have already used Strikingly to create personal websites, company pages, creative portfolios, and other things.

Now, it is your turn!

Check out Strikingly here



This is pretty interesting!!

What if you could create amazing video content from your blog articles?

With Beedeo, creating videos from your blog articles gets as easy as 1,2,3. In fact not just blogs, you can create videos from any text content.

This application is designed specifically for folks who manage multiple websites with hundreds of articles so that they can quickly and simply make a video for each post, furthering their content with videos and ranking those keywords on Youtube rather than just Google.

And best of all, all videos produced by beedeo are the property of their creators; beedeo neither owns nor intends to utilize any of the created videos.

The application is currently compatible with Windows and would soon start supporting iOS.

On the downside, the software is only available in the paid version. You need to pay a one-time fee for the lifetime license of the software.

Download beedeo here

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 Live chat has become a necessity for modern websites. It can be a vital source of lead generation for any entity running an online business. Apart from lead generation, it can also be an amazing tool for online customer support.

Tawkto is one such live support feature which can be deployed on any website for lead generation and customer support. The tool can be used to create a help centre to enable customers to assist themselves, monitor website traffic and engage visitors in chat, and reply to support tickets. 

The tool is completely free to use. You can see the live preview of the tool on this website itself. Check it below on the right side of the footer.

Visit Tawkto here



A single place to manage all your links…Cool…Isn’t it? 

Linktree is exactly the same. 

You can use Linktree to reveal everything you’re sharing, everywhere you’re sharing it, in a single location.

You can add this unique URL in your social media bios, email signatures, business cards, and everywhere else your fans, visitors, and clients might find you and get in touch with you.

You can even display it as a QR code on websites like Tiktok and Instagram.

Linktree is free for unlimited usage but you can get more with the paid version. The paid version gives you access to enhanced customizations, extended analytics and email, and SMS integrations.

Check out Linktr here



Postcron is yet another buffer-like tool for social media management. 

The tool can also be used to schedule your posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc… 

You can post up to 1000 items at once from an Excel or Google Docs file on social media.

You can automatically add your logo or watermark to all of your posts.

Check out Postcron here



Tired of the same repetitive tasks?

Looking to automate your work-related tasks?

Zapier is what you need!!

Zapier is automation software that integrates your work apps and performs repetitive activities on your behalf. By integrating your apps, Zapier automates your work by transferring data across them in accordance with predefined criteria.

You can use Zapier to organise your thoughts, create backups, create tasks from notes, and automatically generate documentation for future meetings.

You can create any number of Zaps using Zapier. This quick start guide can help you launch your zaps easy and fast –

Check out Zapier here



BuzzSumo is a cloud-based tool that aids in finding the finest engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across social and search. While keeping an eye on what matters most to your brand, discover fresh keywords, emerging topics, client queries, and successful content strategies.

Simply enter the competitor’s domain name into the BuzzSumo search bar, and the platform will instantly provide the websites with the most shared content for that particular domain.

Additionally, you will see the content type, title, and regions where it is most popular.

You can use Buzzsumo for free but with limited searches – only 10 per month. The paid version removes this restriction and lets you make unlimited searches per month.

Check out Buzzsumo here


Google Trends

Google Trends is another very popular digital marketing tool.

Google Trends is a trend search feature that displays how popular a search phrase is on Google. You can see whether a trend is escalating or waning. To help you better understand Google trends, you may also uncover demographic information, relevant topics, and related searches.

The tool can help you find out what topics your target market is interested in learning more about. Writing on hot topics can help your website get more visitors.

Check out Google Trends here